Woolworths returns online

June 26, 2009

BBC reports on the return of the Woolworths brand, this time though not as a high street retailer, but as an online shop.

The Woolworths brand has begun trading as an online business, more than six months after the ex-High Street giant went into administration.

And despite my earlier comments, there will be pick and mix available online!


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Woolworths is to be reborn

February 2, 2009

Woolworths is to be reborn but not on the high street it will be reborn online.

The Woolworths brand is to be relaunched as an online retailer after being bought by Daily Telegraph owners, Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay.

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Of course this means that there will not be a return of the Woolworths classic the pick and mix.

Maybe not such a good idea…

January 20, 2009

It’s at this time of year that you see a lot of adverts for Christmas savings clubs.

Despite the Farepak collapse there are still other businesses out there willing to take your money.

One company was advertising recently on the television and you could save towards High Street vouchers.

Looking at the advert, I am not so sure this is such a good idea…

Maybe not such a good idea...

Don’t think vouchers for Woolworths are worth much these days!

Seriously though these saving schemes are very popular, there are often better ways to save money for Christmas.

Retail Christmas Winners and Losers

January 2, 2009

Guardian has a nice Flash based interactive high street so you can see which retailers are winning and which are facing possible closure and administration.

See it in action.

Going onto my local high street today and seeing Woolworths all dark and shut up, Adams having a 70% off sale and various other places looking like they were having desperate last minute sales, it does make you wonder what the high street will look like in twelve months time!

Here’s another two…

December 28, 2008

After Wookworths and MFI, analysts were forecasting that ten retail chains would close in the next twelve months.

Well a few days ago I mentioned Zavvi.

You can add Whittard to the list.

It now looks like Adams will be going too…

UK childrenswear retailer Adams has applied to go into administration, the BBC has learned.

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So that’s three down, seven to go…

Woolworths store closures begin

December 27, 2008

Woolworths store closures begin

More than 200 Woolworths stores across the UK are about to close their doors, signalling the chain’s final days on the High Street after 99 years.

Barring any last-minute rescue, the remaining 600 stores will follow suit by 5 January and 27,000 permanent and temporary staff will lose their jobs.

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What is the point of Woolworths?

November 26, 2008

What is the point of Woolworths?

The BBC asks what is the point of Woolworths?

A year away from its centenary, Woolworths is reportedly on sale for the price of a modest bag of pick ‘n’ mix. But it’s still much loved and millions of shoppers go through its doors every week. To buy what?

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