Nokia buys out Symbian

June 25, 2008

The BBC reports on the Nokia buyout of Symbian:

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia is paying 264m euros ($410m; £209m) to buy out the other shareholders in handset software firm Symbian.

Nokia, which already owns 48% of the UK-based firm, intends to develop its software to compete with Google’s planned Android operating system.

This is (probably) in response to both Google’s Android phone operating system and the continued sucess of Apple’s iPhone.

Technology can have a postive and negative impact on the functions of teams. Being able to use a mobile phone as a mini-computer can allow members of a team out in the field communicate, collaborate and work more effectively than if all their phone did was make phone calls!

The ability to check e-mail, read and edit documents, allows teams to work more effectively when out of the office.

As well as teams, technology such as mobile phones can impact on the performance of the business. If competitors start using technology in innovative ways, this can give them a competitive edge and other businesses will need to respond accordingly if they are to retain market share.

Technological changes need to be noticed and acted upon in the business environment, in order for businesses to retain their competitive edge.