How large is my bill!!!

March 20, 2010

BBC reports that the EU cap for downloading data doesn’t come into effect until the 1st July.

The consumers’ association Which? is warning that people going abroad with smartphones can still face huge bills if they connect to the internet.

By 1 July, new rules will come into force in the European Union which will cap bills for downloading data.

But, until then, people travelling in Europe could face unlimited bills.

There is something quite annoying in a single market like the EU that in some ways the EU is treated as one market, however in other ways (as in with phones) that the single market is ignored and you have these national markets that do not transcend international barriers.


Europe bank chief warns on debt

June 23, 2009

BBC News reports:

Governments that have borrowed heavily to fight the economic crisis should not accumulate any more debt, the president of the European Central Bank has said.

So why has he said this?

“There is a moment where you cannot spend more and accumulate more debts. We are at that moment,” he said.

The problem will be that interest payments on the debt will make it impossible to maintain government spending and cause further economic decline as well as having implications for future generations.

EU slices up ‘ugly fruit’ rules

November 15, 2008

EU slices up 'ugly fruit' rules

BBC reports on the scrapping by the EU of certain “rules” relating to fruit.

The European Commission has scrapped controversial rules that prevent oddly-sized or misshapen fruit and vegetables being sold in Europe.

The EU’s agriculture commissioner called it “a new dawn for the curvy cucumber and the knobbly carrot”.
Marketing standards for 26 types of produce were scrapped, in a drive to cut bureaucracy.

The rules were introduced to ensure common EU standards, but are regarded by critics as examples of Euro-madness.

These rules were part of the significance of international trade and the European dimension for UK businesses. The cutting of the rules should make it easier to sell fruit.

Key question though, is will consumers suffer as a result?

EU seeks key deal on fruit trade

July 17, 2008

EU seeks key deal on fruit trade

BBC reports on how the EU is seeking a deal on the trade in tropical fruit.

Failure to agree on tropical fruit exports to the European Union would put a global trade deal at risk, the European Commission has warned.

These agreements on international trade can have an impact on how a business in the UK operates and their sales.

No more “99p” airfares says EU

July 10, 2008

The competitive environment of the budget airline is one in which they all try and maintain a competitive edge. Virtually all use advertising to lure us into buying cheap flights, and more often then not the price they quote does not include taxes, unavoidable charges, surcharges and fees.

This is how you get the infamous 99p flights.

No more

The BBC reports on how the European Union want to stop this “false” advertising.

“You or I might see an advert for an airfare for 99p,” British MEP Robert Evans says. “But we’ll end up paying £99. Those ads are misleading – and it’s great this regulation will stop them.”

The new law agreed by members of the European Parliament means that all taxes, unavoidable charges, surcharges and fees will have to included in the advertised fares airlines offer.

The report is interesting and useful as it explains how the changing business environment is forcing budget airlines to change the way in which they market their cheap flights.