How much rubbish?

July 11, 2009

BBC reports

UK supermarkets should be forced to reveal how much packaging they produce, local councils say.

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Ford ‘to make fewer big vehicles’

June 27, 2008

BBC reports on how Ford is going to focus on smaller cars.

Car giant Ford has said it will cut its production of large trucks and large sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in favour of more fuel efficient models.

This is very likely a response to the impact of growing concern about the environment from consumers.

Toyota Yaris named “Green Car of the Year”

June 14, 2008

Marketing Week carries news on ETA’s Green Car of the Year.

The Toyota Yaris has beaten 1,300 cars to be named the Green Car of the Year 2008 by lobby group Environmental Transport Association. The Dodge SRT-10 was named as the least green ca

Okay can any car be called green?

With the public’s concerns over the environment and global warming, many different companies are boasting about their “green” credentials in order to ensure they retain (or increase) market share.

Awards such as these which would have been ignored even just a few years ago, are vital for car companies which face a constant negative press and pubic pressure on their environmental record.

Customer perceptions are important for any business if they are to succeed in a dynamic changing environment.