How do you make 40m Easter eggs?

April 9, 2009

Really nice and interesting video from BBC News on how Cadbury make their 40m Easter Eggs (50% of the UK market).


Easter is one of the most popular times of year for chocolate-makers and it has been revealed that despite the current economic downturn, confectionery sales in 2009 have continued to rise, with predictions of record sales this Easter.

Watch the video.

Interesting is how in other markets, the US and Europe, they prefer chocolate bunnies and chicks, whilst in the UK market we prefer chocolate eggs. Any business expecting to expand into foreign markets will need to gain an understanding of the nature of the demand for their product in those markets, which can be quite different to the home market.

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Rising costs for snacks…

August 28, 2008

BBC reports on how the credit crunch and rising food and fuel costs are having an impact the costs for snack firms.

Mars has become the latest snack firm to admit the credit crunch is eating into its business.

The Snickers bar and M&Ms maker said it would be raising the wholesale price of its goods to offset rising raw material, packaging and energy costs.

The news came days after fellow US firm Hershey raised its product prices.

Mars also said it would be cutting the size of some of its goods. In the UK, a number of firms have shrunk snack sizes to stave off price rises.

So we can expect our chocolate bars to get smaller (or get more expensive).