So what’s in your cereal bowl?

June 16, 2008

So what\'s in your cereal bowl?

The Guardian has published a really informative and interesting article on breakfast cereals.

Britain is one of the world’s largest consumers of puffed, flaked and sugared breakfast cereals. How did that happen when many were said to contain less nutrition than the boxes they come in?

Personally I avoid most breakfast cereals, as most have way too much sugar in them, or they have huge amounts of salt in them.

Corn Flakes for example are more salty than some good quality sausages!

It should be noted that bread (for toast) is also very salty in comparison.

Consumers often are unware of what large food companies try and do to sell products, often hiding the cheap and unhealthy ingredients and upselling the positive messages.

Most fat-free or low fat products for example, though low in fat often have a very high sugar content.

Some so-called dieting foods are even more misleading, a diet biscuit which is 85% fat free means that it is 15% fat, which is (per 100g) has three times the fat of oven chips or a grilled steak!

Having said that organisations must operate within a complex and dynamic competitive business environment.

So what’s in your cereal bowl?

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