United looking for plane bargain

June 6, 2009

The US’s third largest airline, United, is asking rival plane makers Boeing and Airbus to prepare bids for an order that could total 150 jets.The carrier is hoping to take advantage of the recession to get a better price for the deal that could be worth $10bn dollars.

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A380 ‘to benefit from oil prices’

July 14, 2008

BBC reports on how EADS (the firm behind the A380) expect the sales of the A380 to increase due to the rising price of oil.

EADS chief executive Louis Gallois told the BBC that the rising oil price is pushing airlines towards buying new, more efficient aeroplanes.

“We have the most energy-efficient aeroplane in the world, the A380, the aeroplane of the future,” he said.

A380 'to benefit from oil prices'

This demonstrates how even in a difficult business environment, there is potential for some businesses to prosper and improve sales.

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Airbus unveils carbon fibre plane

June 27, 2008

BBC reports on the roll out of Airbus’ new transport plane for the airforces of the EU.

…the King of Spain will unveil the Airbus A400M, built for air forces across Europe including the RAF.

Airbus unveils carbon fibre plane

One of the key technological innovative parts of this plane is the wings.

They are made mostly of hi-tech carbon fibre and are manufactured in the UK.

New technologies and ways of working allow companies to improve their products making them more attractive to customers and often cheaper and easier to manufacture.

Watch video of the rollout.

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