Christmas comes early for shoppers in Oxford Street

July 18, 2010

Next month at least one major store on Oxford Street will be launching their Christmas range!

One of the country’s top stores is to start its Christmas trading 145 days before the holiday.

Selfridges in Oxford Street will launch its Christmas season on 2 August – its earliest-ever start for the store.

People keen to plan ahead can purchase trees, crackers, fairy lights or even a £500 life-size donkey.

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Logistical Nightmare

April 16, 2010

The cloud of volcanic ash currently causing chaos for air travel will continue to cause chaos even after it has cleared.

BBC News reports

For while the majority of flights may be back in the air by the beginning of next week, it will be many more days before the airlines have got their schedules back on track.

The article continues…

Flight schedules are intricate and complex, and the consequences of missing just one flight, let alone hundreds, can be far reaching.

Aircraft on the ground cost airlines huge amounts of money. It costs British Airways £10m every day that their aircraft don’t fly.

Decisions will need to be made how these increased costs can be covered.

Arctic Roll

November 21, 2009

Production of Arctic Roll, the retro ice cream dessert, was halted in 1997, but in 2008, Birds Eye chose to revive the brand because the recession is fuelling a demand for comfort food.

Business Correspondent Ian Reeve went to the north Yorkshire factory that is making nine million of them a year.

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Vodafone enters UK iPhone market

September 29, 2009

So O2’s exclusive contract with Apple and the iPhone has come to an end…


Vodafone has reached an agreement to sell Apple’s popular iPhone in the UK.

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Orange announces UK iPhone deal

September 28, 2009

So O2’s exclusive contract with Apple and the iPhone has come to an end…

BBC News reports:

Orange has reached an agreement to sell Apple’s popular iPhone in the UK.

The deal ends an exclusive arrangement between UK network operator O2 and the Californian phone maker, which has been in place since 2007.


I am not sure that there was much consumer benefit to the exclusive arrangement that O2 had (well has at the moment) however I am equally sure that bringing Orange into the market won’t actually make too much difference to consumers; more likely it will benefit those who can’t get an O2 signal but can get Orange.

Part of the issue has to be the fact that iPhone is in a league of its own when it comes to smartphones, not many other devices match the iPhone in terms of usability, applications and features.

Darling warns banks on loan rates

July 26, 2009

From the BBC News:

The chancellor is to quiz bank bosses over how much they charge small firms for loans, saying he is “extremely concerned” their rates may be too high.

Alastair Darling said the cost of loans seemed to have risen, despite the UK’s record low base interest rate of 0.5%.

He told the BBC that banks had a duty to restore lending levels, saying the government did not rescue the banking sector “out of some charitable act”.

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Airline complaints ‘on the rise’

July 23, 2009


BBC reports

Complaints from customers about the airline industry have risen by 11% in a year, a consumer support group says.

So is everything really bad when it comes to customer service in the airline industry? Well no…

It accepted that complaints came from a “tiny” minority of passengers.

Companies should not ignore complaints but often they rise to the top of the agenda as people are more likely to complain then to praise. Likewise it is important to deal with them, as people not happy with a service will often tell ten other people about it, while people who had good service often tell only one person. Says more about society than the level of customer service though.