Apple and Amazon will power on through slump, say analysts

October 25, 2009

The Guardian reports on the continuing sucess of Apple and Amazon despite the credit crunch and recession.

The recession-busting technology companies Apple and Amazon have room to continue expanding during the downturn, according to analysts.

While most businesses are still struggling to cope with the effects of recession, the two American corporations saw their stock prices hit all-time highs last week after reporting rising profits. Apple’s continued success pushed its shares to a historic high of $208, while Amazon – boosted by a huge jump in profits – returned to levels above $115, last seen during the height of the dotcom boom.


Do cupcake shops show an area is getting richer?

October 24, 2009


According to the BBC, the cupcake business is booming.

Recent data from market researchers TNS shows cupcake sales are overtaking flapjacks to rival biscuit sales, with a 22% increase over the past year to £37m.

Cupcakes are also been used to assess demographic changes.

According to others, cupcakes are a clear cultural barometer. Academics in New York are constructing a map of emerging cupcake shops throughout the city. The theory is that these give a more accurate guide to gentrification than traditional demographic and housing surveys.

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