Woolworths returns online

June 26, 2009

BBC reports on the return of the Woolworths brand, this time though not as a high street retailer, but as an online shop.

The Woolworths brand has begun trading as an online business, more than six months after the ex-High Street giant went into administration.

And despite my earlier comments, there will be pick and mix available online!


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Europe bank chief warns on debt

June 23, 2009

BBC News reports:

Governments that have borrowed heavily to fight the economic crisis should not accumulate any more debt, the president of the European Central Bank has said.

So why has he said this?

“There is a moment where you cannot spend more and accumulate more debts. We are at that moment,” he said.

The problem will be that interest payments on the debt will make it impossible to maintain government spending and cause further economic decline as well as having implications for future generations.

Credit Crunch Literally…

June 21, 2009

Britain eats its way through recessions. When the going gets tough, the tough, it seems, tuck into pudding, says Michael Blastland in his regular BBC column.

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Why don’t surveys tell the truth? Because you don’t!

June 8, 2009


From BBC Magazine, a really interesting article about how rubbish statistics and surveys are.

The old complaint that there are lies, damned lies and statistics blames the bean counter, the supposed stubby-pencilled bureaucrat who gathers the data, or the slick vote-grabber who mangles the results for a shifty cause.

But who started it? The answer – sorry folks – is you. Want to know who introduces half the junk into junk stats? Look in the mirror.

So any business who just relies on survey data, shouldn’t be surprised if sometimes the survey is rubbish because the respondents lie.

United looking for plane bargain

June 6, 2009

The US’s third largest airline, United, is asking rival plane makers Boeing and Airbus to prepare bids for an order that could total 150 jets.The carrier is hoping to take advantage of the recession to get a better price for the deal that could be worth $10bn dollars.

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