Your call is (not) important to us…

October 26, 2008

BBC reports on the role of call centres:

Are there any more annoying phrases in the English language than “your call is important to us”, or “we are experiencing particularly high call volumes”?

But our lives have been transformed by call centres – allowing us to book our holidays, organise our financial affairs and check train times from the comfort of our homes.

So what is going on when our call is on hold and who are the staff we rely on to give us the correct information when we finally get through?

Many business organisations rely on good customer service, of which call centres are one part, as part of their marketing strategy.


UK borrowing hits a 60-year high

October 20, 2008

So you think you have problems. BBC reports on UK borrowing.

The UK government borrowed a record amount last month, Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows.

Public sector net borrowing hit £8.092bn in September, up from £4.775bn in the same period a year earlier, marking a record for the month.

The amount borrowed so far this financial year stands at £37.6bn – the highest since records began in 1946.

UK economy ‘already in recession’

October 19, 2008

Top forecasters have said the UK economy is ‘already in recession’ according to a BBC report.

The UK economy has “deteriorated dramatically” in the last three months, and is already in a recession, top forecasters have suggested.

The Ernst & Young Item Club predicts that economic growth will decline by 1% next year before recovering in 2010, when it will see 1% growth.

As the economy contracts, investment will fall and unemployment will rise.

But one “bright spot” is that inflation is likely to fall, enabling the UK to cut interest rates further, it said.

In an ever changing business environment, it is important that any business organisation is aware of how the economy is doing in order to avoid making costly mistakes.

Purpose of a questionnaire

October 1, 2008

So you have decided to ask your customers some questions, through a questionnaire.


What is the enquiry trying to establish and why is it trying to establish it?

A questionnaire is simply a set of questions and its purpose is to obtain information or data.

It is an imposition and requires the goodwill of the respondent for its success.

However designing questionnaires is a bit of an art and get it wrong and your business could suffer.

More on questionnaires.